Feminine energy related...the energies supporting connection; sudden sense of belonging...familial but not blood family.... sister'ing (does not mean men and women; but a particular power that belongs to bodies), uprising against destruction, nihilism and bleak sadness... a dancing that takes place in the wildness that is in us and everywhere. the unruly associative affections across species and kingdoms; the connection that cannot be reduced to a mechanism or a simple ratio, i.e. symbiosis. Fecundity, brimming-with; words like "amount" & "some" rather than "one, two, three"... Baking by feel.

When we sit around a fire, and tend it, and eat soup made on that fire, and warm our hands around both sides of the bowl, and listen to the sparks die out up into the blackness, and listen to one another's voices with that quiet rhythm, a deep and thorough closeness happens.