Picking up what’s been left aside as useless and giving it new reach up or down, at the right moment, with gentle, dexterous hands or mind or soul --best when all 3 work together --and gather up something from the public domain... something that nobody owns yet is singularly valuable and beautiful....what would otherwise not even be noticed, not be used, and end up as waste. Taking just a bit from the plenitude and abundance that remains, even after "the whole field has been harvested by the giant machines." Making something outof (almost) nothing. Spontaneous gestures, mostly local, mostly in your 'hood, always on the streets and way fares, always with the body, often in a group, best with children.

To Glean = to dodge the Capitalist Private Property Individualistic Scarcity Competition-is-All Mall-shaped bullshit, and so, even without intending to, put another truth into the body: your body, the body of your relation with where you are, and the body of the Earth, who does not like being conceived of as a Mall one bit.