The Water Hostage Release Project is a sub-project of The Art of Soil Collective. We know you care. We know you don't know how to make a difference. Here is one simple and effective way: You can join the efforts to free the perfectly potable water that you and I come across, every day, in our milieu!

Pledge: If, in which, in the course of our everyday activities, we come upon abandoned plastic water bottles still containing any quantity of perfectly potable water, we will stop, rather than walk on by, as per usual habits. We pledge to do our best to document hostage event: photo, date, location, brand and quantity in ml of drinking water “held hostage.”

We solemnly pledge to “release” hostage’d water back into the living water table only when safe and reasonable ex: at base of tree, planter at bus stop, storm sewer grate, into river or creek, onto grassy median, or: fill up the dog bowl. Maybe rinse your hands after a sticky orange?

We pledge to then carry empty plastic water bottle until we come upon a recycle bin, and only then do we part with it.

We will add the amount of successfully re-watered water, to the rolling count of the main “eau’dometer.”