Open Air Galleries project...(and sometimes poetry)

Guelph is a City that is known to support art and artists. Not just in studios and galleries. Half a dozen small “art galleries” live in the open air, along sidewalks, in front of homes, and in community gardens in the Royal City. People don’t have to go out of their way or pay entry fees to have an “art experience”: they can stop and look for as long as they want while they are out riding bikes, walking the dog, jogging, wandering a new neighborhood, or circling the streets of the Royal City trying to get around the construction. Some people feel afraid of art.

Some people have never had a chance to go to an art show or gallery.  Some people think art is only for snobs. And, that it’s a big waste of time and money. These galleries won’t waste your time or money. Art at street level is wonderful. It’s powerful, yet simple. It’s in the streets where you live, and it stops you and you suddenly have a new thought, or feeling, or tempo to your daily walk. These Open Air galleries are open to the citizens of Guelph not only as viewers: feel free to propose a show of your own!