(FFH)² is a sub-project of "The Art of Soil Collective" which supports community, soil and creative engagement of all kinds in the service of ecological-social justice and healing.

(FFH)² is a 3-year urban agriculture project in the City of Guelph funded by the “Our Food Future” megaproject.

(FFH)² functions as an open collective with newcomers of all ages, and from all corners of the globe, who have expressed interest in learning how to grow food, or, who already know how to grow food but currently lack access to arable land, a supportive community, tools or $$. We welcome volunteers and allies of BIPOC communities new to Guelph & Wellington county.

Our qualitative and quantitative date attests that participants enjoy a: decrease in overall fresh food costs; greater range of culturally appropriate and highly desirable foods; improved physical health through outdoor activities and high quality, fresher, organic produce in their family’s diet; improved mental health through decreased social isolation; increased sense of purpose and meaningfulness within a larger, welcoming diverse group;