Compost Queens of the Royal City

The Compost Queens of the Royal City is a project of The Art of Soil Collective. Currently, we receive no funding of any sort, and are entirely volunteer driven. If you feel inclined to rectify this in any way, in the aid of Compost Positive Philanthro-eco-py, please click at the bottom and support us! 

In the early Fall of 2021, The Queens designed and constructed a Community Compost System at the Two Rivers Huron Street Community Garden. This structure and project is revolutionizing compost and compost education in Guelph. The 12-foot high 3-cascading bin structure was designed to inspire Compost System Rebuilds in key, visible, collector locations across the City, ideally linked to schools and existing green city programs.

How to build one? Anyone can download and use this open source guide for free! You'll find original drawings and illustrations, detailing all the materials needed, design aspects, and important construction diagrams and notes for anyone interested in (re)building a compost system for their community garden. You can always ask us questions too. Check it out.

If you have any composting questions whatsoever, send us an email! If you want to learn more, or join the Queens, click the button below! 

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ART = finding things and doing new things with them
SOIL = built to a fine, rich, healthy tilth with the constant addition of homemade compost
COLLECTIVE = worms + bacteria + trees + their fallen leaves + all your fruit and vegetable innards + water + humidity + everyone's poop, turning as if by magic, into something beautiful and better.