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If you’d like to support any of the initiatives you see here, we would welcome your support. Any amount is appreciated. The Art of Soil Collective is not a registered charity or non-profit so we cannot issue tax receipts. All donations will be managed by Dr. Karen Houle. 
Proceeds will be directed to the following projects in the following ways:
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(FFH)² Food from home - Food for home


  • a permanent physical home

  • office space +/or staff

  • on-site volunteers

  • equipment, participants

  • bookings for talks

  • an ongoing soapbox about urban permaculture and organic agriculture.

Compost queens of the Royal City


  • office space +/or staff

  • participants

  • sites

  • connection with other compost initiatives

  • bookings for talks

  • an ongoing soapbox about soil-ethics.





  • skilled software designers to develop the app

  • buy-in from folks in the streets + participation

  • commitment to the project's action-principles

  • an ongoing soapbox about water conservation.

Open air galleries



  • office space +/or staff

  • a committee to handle and adjudicate proposals

  • grant money to fund "artists" and staff to help install the boxes

  • rotate the boxes

  • repair the boxes

  • store the parts: an ongoing soapbox about neighborhoods and art.

My BF is a mushroom



  • equipment for growing mushrooms

  • fungi identification guides

  • staff for teaching amateur mycology

  • interested citizen scientists

  • mushroom recipes

  • cooking space

  • marketing support.