It isdefinitely more work than simply, you know, opening a bag of already-split-clovesin a white plastic mesh bag from a rack in Home Depot or Canadian-Tire....Almost all the garlic one buys in any grocery storefor consumption AND for planting, from Ontario to Mainland China to Costa Rica, is one variety: “Music.” It also almost always comes in a horrid little disposable white plastic sleeve. Plastic coming and going! And it is almost always grown in vast fields requiring irrigation, fertilizer and pesticides, just like any other monocrop. This practice depletes the soil both in terms of soilstructure and health, and its physical well-being: it dries up and blows into the air and sea. Seed garlic from neighbours, local vendors and seed banks is invariably cheaper than any store-bought garlic. It lasts longer....Here's what FOODLAND ONTARIO says on their site: “Different varieties are grown, but there are no significant differences among them.” WTF? That is total horseshit! Discerning farmers and cooks candescribe differences in tastes (heat, edge, colours, softness).