We are trying to support local businesses yay and we should if we can, but holy moly, then the planet is drowning in more plastic take-out containers. Here is a teeny way to make good on that unfortunate aspect of eating: grow plants in them!

Rinse them, set them aside, poke away until your stress is alleviated, and then soil + seeds + a little mistygentle watering. Finally: we wanted to give a shout-out to any local food take-away operations that are using PAPER containers (if not tops, yet) rather than styrofoam or plastic. Two of them from Grassroots on Gordon Street are pictured here. FABULOUS. You can use these fellahs to start your seedlings! The paper holds up long enough! And, the best of all, once you have transferred your little green friends out to bigger ceramic pots or raised beds or a community garden plot, you can COMPOST these. Thisis truly the best of all possible worlds. Please, consider gently inquiring at your favorite take-out joint whether they might be moving to using paper containers? while you thank them (front line workers!) profusely and please leave a solid tip.

So there you have it: Happy Seeding! Happy Eating. Happy Seeding. Happy Eating!

The TASC team.