What Le Lobster teaches is that you get to eat if you get to know all the folks around you. Don't just hang out with your favourite cool kid friends at one table in the cafeteria: Poke your head up and see who or what is sitting at the tables all around you. Someone might be alone. Some might be sitting in a circle. Someonemight be dressed in a red cone hat and have brown fuzzy rings up their stem. Go say hello. Meet their buddies, learn their names, find out what they like to do with their free time, if they even have free time? Suss out their superpowers: Chess? Anti-inflammatory? Lego? Hallucinogenic? Algebra? Lobster Impersonations? Volleyball? Spore rockets? Crochet champ? Delicious? Holy heck, yes! And lots to share. Everyone and everything works better that way.

Or: you puke. Lobster mushrooms just spell it out rather, um, colourfully.