The "no" part is that, hearing us tell you that about carrots and pH does NOT mean you now have to get in that minivan and drive to Home Hardware or Royal City Nursery or The Home Despot for a Pearlite shaker can (also plastic, 6.99$) of "liming conditioner" and then try to figure out how much to mix in and when, and oh boy what an unfun time it is now to be an avid carrot grower! You veer close to giving up and buying a bag at No Frills.


 You, dear dear human gardening person, with calcium in the bones and teeth, live on a million-year old limestone aquaducts, dolomitic layered into fabulous slabs of pale grey-white carveable rock out of which all those swanky gorgeous downtown buildings like the Albion were made. Whooweee.

 So take a deep breath and go to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea. Or coffee with your Nestecafe rig. Fill that kettle with beautiful tasty potable HARD water from the Arkell springs. Hard water, hey? Jeepers it's hard on the pipes. And look at that CALCIUM BUILD-UP in your reliable little kettle. Hmmmmmm. Time to get in the minivan and drive to Walmart and buy some "Kettle Descaling Solution" (8.99$ at Walmart or 12.99 if you have a Keurig) in that plastic throw-out-y bottle? Or maybe you can get a whole "Descaling Kit" and do the toilet too (83.002$ from Wayfair and comes with gloves and a plastic scraper?).


 Get out a spoon and start scraping. Scrape it down from the sides. Poke at those holes thatare covered over with white hard lime. Scrape scrape scrape. Look at those white flakes and powder swirl down into the water.