It Makes A Village: A short documentary about our (FFH)2 project

Join participants of the amazing and unique "Food from Home = Food for Home" Urban Farming Project as we share tips for how to be successful food growers in urban farm settings, in SW Ontario. All participants are newcomers to Guelph, coming from all over the world, speaking different languages, coming to this new home with different gifts and different needs and wants, including a love of fresh herbs and vegetables that they once ate in their home countries.
And thought they had maybe left behind...
See the contagious joy and sense of pride and collective accomplishment as we support one another to be successful, ecologically sound, growers of our own food: including those precious and beloved culturally particular foods that are now part of lives in a new home. See how this sort of project gives rise to an emergent diverse and genuine community -- a village. These things don't just happen. Here is a project that shows what it takes to "make a village"   

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