How to Turn Yourself and Your Whole World into an Ecology: TIPS!

Tip1 Tip #1: To decrease the amount of paper waste you create from unsolicited envelopes that arrive in your mailbox, or just regular old envelopes that arrive... rip out the plastic window (that goes into the garbage until we can figure out how to get the mushrooms or worms to decompose them), rip up the envelopes into shreds. Feed them to your worm farm or compost.


Coffee bag reuse Tip #2: We really hope you have SAVED your coffee bean bags. If not, it's okay, you can now start saving them. They are effing (!!) awesome bags. Strong, lined, perfect bags. A perfect product for moving coffee beans and grounds from A to B to C to D.

"D" is in this photo: These bags are absolutely perfect for planting seeds and growing little seedlings. You can just do one! You can have ONE little productive cherry tomato plant on your peeny weeny balcony. It can start its life in a modest coffee bag rather than a plastic pot. If you are keen as heck, you can do whole racks full! If you are not a green thumb, then for goodness' sakes, pass those bags along to someone who is.


Seedlings in Coffee Bags Tip #3..Step two! Little seedlings into those amazing strong bags!