April 7th, 2022. 7:00 pm. 

Initial Eau'dometer reading: (10, 386.2 mL).
Found: Waterloo Avenue, Guelph, on the grass outside Balzac's. (i.e. draining down the Arkell Aquifer for profit and idiocy) and York Road at Menzies (Guelph), heading over to Audrey Avenue to look after my grandboyo. More of that Nestlé goodness, in the ditch.
Description: Nestlé, Pure Life: Natural spring water, 550 mL left in this 710 mL bottle and full bottle! 500mL of PURE ARKELL SPRINGS. 
Results: I am so gobsmacked by this waste of, well, everything that I'm willing to take suggestions for how to release these two very special hostages. What is your recommendation?