How do I help my new worm farm (1 lb of wrigglers!) to thrive?

Queen's Answer:  Temperature: Make sure that the worm are not too hot or too cold. I keep mine at room temperature under our table in the dining room. (!) Moisture: It can't be really wet (i.e. the bottom of the bin is soaked).. and it can't be dry, but better to err on the side of damp.  The fruits and vegetables you add should be enough to keep it the right moisture. When I feed my worms I shred some paper and put it on top of the castings (dark soil). They do a good job of absorbing extra moisture. When the top layer of paper gets too damp, just flip your pile, putting the damp shredded paper on the bottom. Then put more dry shredded newsprint or paper on top. Feel the middle of the bin... it should feel just slightly damp.  Feeding I give the worms something to eat every week. Maybe a cup of edibles. You can't really see too much "undigested material" in my bins because ... I don't feed them too much and because I make a little hole in the castings and put the food down into it, then cover it over. This makes sure that the worms can get to it right away on all sides. If you put the food on top, it can get mouldy... or fruit flies. Bucket the worms need oxygen and the CO2 needs to leave. I drill holes into the top and then on the upper part of the sides. You can drill them about every 3 inches.