If your home is along the route that these children travel, daily, consider leaving something there for them. Something durable. Something that cost you nothing or practically nothing. Something in your basement that your kids used to play with. Something small enough to fit in their small hands. Or low enough for them to look at, or into. Something for them. Something you remember you would have loved to touch, or see, or look at, or look into, when you were on your way to kindergarten or daycare. Something that you seemed to never tire of finding there, on your way. Something small that, without you even noticing, had the power to make your little legs move quickly from your front door to that halfway mark in the morning. Something that, parents smiling, made your little feet move quickly from the daycare to that halfway mark in the late afternoon.

Clean them occasionally. If you're in a global pandemic, clean them more often than that. Reposition them if the street sweeper knocks them off, or if some older kids fiddle with them and leave them in a different spot. Clio will be looking for them tomorrow.

 Clio's tigers.