to find those gaps and use what means and passion we have to respond to those gaps or mismatches in critically engaged but pragmatic ways on the ground particularly salient."


A doing, not a thinking-about-doing.

Small shifts in the tuning forks that are our brains in the places that are our streets.

Ping! Listening to the place where we already are.

Ping! Listening to what the other inhabitants of our streets, our sidewalks, the air above these and the ground beneath them, have to tell us about what would make it better.

Ping! Remembering with clarity the place we once were: what made our minutes, hours, days wonderful when we were children....wewere all children once....on streets, on sidewalks, on paths, living our lives with open minds, open to wonder. The children around us and in us will tell us.

But we have to pay attention.