Brant Avenue School + community garden


What emerges when you join one elementary school - Brant Avenue School - and one community garden adjacent to that school, The Brant Avenue Community Garden .... and one enthusiastic, committed person on "the inside" (teacher, Mrs. Gill) and one enthusiastic committed person on "the outside" (one of the Compost Queens of the Royal City)!??


The word SYSTEM is key.

A SYSTEM is what can emerge. 

ECOLOGY is a system.

The WHOLE is greater than the sum of its parts.



 I started "The Compost Queens of the Royal City" about four years ago because: 

a) I saw that there was, and still is, a need for compost education and support, and behaviour-change, at the individual, household, small businesses and institutions (like an elementary school), and especially, at the collective-community level; 

b) I am waay cray-cray over-the-top about all things compost: red worms, environmental ethics, heat generation possibilities, soil remediation, waste diversion, bird-poop ecology, bioremediation, climate change mitigation, fertilizer that will not blow up cities while stored in ports such as Beirut, etc. Hell, I even love the smell of good compost. 

c) I wanted to switch-tracks, job-wise from mostly talking and writing about environmental facts & concerns, to doing direct action, environmentally (backed by da facts). 

ART = Making things, making things beautiful, making beautiful things

SOIL = The result of processes; can be built-up and improved-upon by many caring hands. Can be destroyed by many uncaring hands.

COLLECTIVE = Take all the kingdoms that you once thought were separate: Put them into a loop, a circuit. Each doing the thing they do best. Out comes energy, beauty, connection, peace. 

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