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My GRANDMOTHER LORNA JEAN DUFTY was the person who got me interested in foraging for edible mushrooms...

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Symmetry and asymmetry in conceptual and morphological formations

The difference plant body growth can make to human thought. Ontological orientation: Conceptual bodiliness...

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How to Bake an Excellent Compost Cake! Thumbnail

Watch: How to bake an excellent compost cake

Tutorial of how to make compost at the Huron Street Community Garden in Guelph

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Watch "Compost Queens of the Royal City: Compost Makeover"

Video of the "Compost Makeover" at the Huron Street Community Garden in Guelph.

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How to!Community Garden Compost

How to: community garden compost rebuild

Designed by Karen Houle and The Compost Queens of the Royal City, drawings by Vicky Huang The project was made possible through funding from the Guelph-Wellington Urban Agriculture Challenge by Harvet Impact, an initiative of Our Food Future. This guide was put together by Karen Houle and Vicky Huang from 10C Shared Space...

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       Video: A Folk Ecology

Watch "A folk ecology"

Karen Houle Reads from The Grand River Watershed.

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Essentials fires for cold pandemic nights Art of soil collective

Essential fires for cold pandemic nights

Resources: Lisa Hirmer's Article. I am, and always have been, “an activist.” All of us are. We are active beings. Always action- ing: Write-ing. Be-ing. Farm-ing. Live-ing. Sleep-ing. Ethic-ing...

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Farm as ethics

Outdoor School: Contemporary Environmental Art Edited by Amish Morrell and Diane Borsato. Douglas and McIntyre, 2021, pp. 88-99...

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Stinking roses

Garlic. The Stinking Rose. This is an easy crop to grow, although it doesn’t like containers. If you want big fat gorgeous heads of garlicyou have to have it in the ground in the autumn, before it freezes...

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Lobster Lunch Thumbnail Art of soil collective

Lobster lunch

Sitting Alone at Lunch. Brilliant Orange .... gorgeous autumn coloursin our neck of the also the colour of "Lobster Mushrooms" (Hypomyces lactifluorum) which are parasitic on white Lactarius spp (milk mushrooms) and Russula (spp) hosts...

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Handwriting is an implement

One of the small but unique things we do as part of our "Food from Home = Food for Home" urban agricultural project is to put up signs identifying the names of all our growers in their growing spaces...

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Agaricus gathering

Brothers and Sisters of the Fungi Fascination! So many of you have reached out about the Agaricusmushrooms I have been gathering this week around Guelph --around the two rivers, truth be told --asking for teachings about how to, when to, where to?...

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Visiting a grandmother

Up a long pavedroad, past the ancient oak trees that have been cut for cork, for centuries. Their dark, cross-cut bark is interrupted half-way up the trunk by a foot-long deeply gouged ring of white inner cambium...

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Eau'dometer report

Be alert. Scan for targets. Approach the water bottle quickly and calmly. Pick up the bottle; measure contents and record...

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Are you compost curious Art of Soil

Are you compost curious?

"Question: What are we looking at here, folks? Answer: Two piles of sticks playing hide-and-seek in composter bins...

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One dish Many Spoons.

One dish many spoons

It appeared on the porch on November 13th. A plain white dinner plate covered with a faded tea towel. Something lumpy underneath. I carried it inside. Banana bread! Four fat generous slices...

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Iceland Art of soil collective gallery


...was intense in a geographical-weather-desolate-beauty sort of way. It is pulsing with raw energy: the random, incessant plop plop plop of a boiling mud field, some ancient breed of horses running the length of the horizon..

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Limestone is for carrots

Limestone is for carrots

"Dearest Good and Hopeful Gardeners of the Limestone regions of Guelph and environs! One of our strongest dreams is to help one another to succeed in the smaller dreams we all have..

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CLio and the tigers Art of soil collective gallery

Clio and the tigers

A sidewalk "engagement strategy". "Wonder doesn't come from outside, somewhere spectacular you drove to see; it comes from within...

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Seedlings and Plastic Art of Soil Collective Hero Image

Seedlings and plastics

Friends! Last year saw a wild uptick in the number of regular folks like us who wanted to garden. Maybe you got seeds & started seedlings at home and then put your little green friends into their own gardens come May...

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Robin Eggs Blue Art of Soil Collective

Robin's egg blue

The only thing in nature, in the Grand River watershed, where we reside, that has that particular colour is a robin’s egg. Our human eyes don’t know that colour well...

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