… in which we ILLUSTRATE, DEMONSTRATE, DISCUSS, SKETCH and NARRATE WITH UNAPOLOGETIC CONVICTION how everyday life presents us all, no matter who you are, no matter what you know, no matter where you are, with constant genuine opportunities to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. A positive, ethical difference. We want to SHARE what we have learned from direct, wide-ranging and sometimes zany experience to INSPIRE you to take up your daily life in a new register: to join a virtual band of non-utopian non-deluded non hero-worshipping happy militants of JOY.

A mind-bending multitude of random quotidian, local small-level inexpensive IDEAS & ANTICS do, in fact, have the remarkable capacity to shape-shift our mental + physical health for the better. At the SAME TIME, they have a profound power to connect to and constitute a meaningful response to the massive, scary almost paralyzing global concerns about ecology, justice and economics that hang over all of us Earth dwellers.



Here’s the trick: Whatever we think up and whatever we put our hands and feet to, must be in the spirit of honouring the INEXTRICABLE HOLISM OF ART + SOIL + COLLECTIVE. If what we are up to, what we are telling ourselves and others, no matter how puny or transient, is in the service of this holy trifecta of practical goodness, we WILL be a part of bringing about futures that are beautiful and liveable for all.


Guelph Art of Soil Map